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We Need to Start #CoronaWRIMO

I think we are all coming to the point where we are starting to accept that we may be indoors for a really long time. With our families. In very tight quarters.

We will need something to inspire and/or distract us, so I think it’s time to start #CoronaWRIMO – the Coronavirus Writing Month where authors are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days while we isolate ourselves to heal.

There’s already a Twitter #hashtag, but it would be great if the people from National Writer’s Month (NAWRIMO) were able to come onboard and get this going. Or any publishing professionals who may want to help.

I know we are going to see many fabulous books written during this time, but it would be inspiring and community-building if we could all do it together.

Count me in!

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