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Couple Elopes on Utah Mountain for Spectacular Wedding Photos

picture taken from @thedrawhorns from instagram

At sunrise on the last day of January Hailey Moore and Dr. Kristopher Hansen said “I do” at the Mesa Arch trailhead inside Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah as a photographer couple officiated for them, and took their official wedding photos, which are spectacular. There were no guests.

Jess and Austin Drawhorn, a married team of photographers who are based in Boulder, CO, specialize in what they call adventure elopements. Jess Drawhorn became an ordained minister online through Open Ministry and read a passage cobbled together from the writings of Carl Sagan, the science writer and cosmologist, that included the line: “From within one of the billions of species to walk upon this tiny speck in the universe, we find two imperfect people who want to share their short lives.”

The couple had hiked to the arch and change into their wedding attire when they got there. Moore commented that there were times when she thought she was participating in “trash the dress.”

The couple did not have a reception, but went to Starbucks for coffee after the wedding ceremony.

It was a second marriage for the both of them.

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