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Some New Flavors for Valentine’s Candy 2020

Not everyone loves or wants chocolate shaped hearts, and America's candy manufacturers are well aware of that, that’s why Skittles, Lindt and Kit Kat are rolling out something different this year.

Skittles has introduced their Love Mix, which features a combination of red, pink and white candies in the flavors of watermelon, white grape and cherry.

Kit Kat is offering a new Raspberry Crème candy bar, which consists of the familiar crisp wafer, coated in raspberry-flavored white crème. The new candy is a pretty pink chocolate bar.

Lindt is offering two Valentine’s Day chocolate flavors, Strawberry Dark Chocolate Truffles and Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles. The Strawberry Dark Chocolate truffles consist of a dark chocolate shell that’s filled with strawberry filling and the White Chocolate version is filled with a raspberry filling.

We’ve also heard that Hersey is offering Lava Cake Kisses candy this year, while white chocolate cheesecake M & M can be found and Starbursts have jelly bean heart-shaped candies.

So you can kiss those Whitman chocolate sampler boxes with the mystery candies goodbye this year.

And get all of these for yourself for half price on February 15th!

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