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Straight Man Puts Up Billboard Seeking Dates And Receives Flood of Inquiries from Men

When all other forms of dating—apps, singles events, and going out to bars—fail, why not go with something a little less conventional like, say, a giant billboard with your face on it?

That’s exactly what 30-year old Mark Rofe thought, when he put up an ad on the side of a busy road in Manchester, UK. His ad read: “Date Mark. This could be the sign you’ve been waiting for”.

Curious, I took a trip over to mark’s website,, and it’s hilarious as you’d imagine. The website contains clever version of a dating apps bio, labeled “facts and stats” containing hilarious details like the length of his index finger, how many friends he has, and his shoe size, along with some awkward photos of himself that you can’t help laughing at.

The board cost him 425 euros, a bit pricier than a free dating app or tinder premium’s $9.99, but you have to hand it to him for his creativity and bravery. Eventually Rofe wishes to expand to other sites by raising money through crowdfunding.

While it is a very clever idea, with an equally clever, seductive, and comedic pose, Mark forgot one little detail: he forgot to mention he’s interested in women and not men.

Of course, he came to realize that when, as he told the BBC, “I’ve had more than 100 people get in touch. Unfortunately, half are men but I’m still very flattered.”

So, if you’re in the Manchester area and still single for Valentine’s Day this year, maybe you should consider applying to be the lucky gal who snags Mark’s heart? Better hurry up, though, as his site already has over 2,000 applicants!

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