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Kate's Naughty Corner: Kate interviews Elizabeth SaFleur

erotic romance author Kate Allure explores kink, eroticism, and erotic fiction

Happy holidays! And what better time of year than to curl up with a good book and a cup of spiked nog. But if you ever ask me for a book recommendation, it’s going to be something erotic, smutty, and fun. This month, I’m pleased to introduce you to Elizabeth SaFleur who writes such naughty tales of the nation’s power elite.

Welcome, Elizabeth. To get us started, do you have a sexual or lifestyle philosophy that underpins your writing?

Elizabeth: I am so glad you asked this question! I definitely write a core theme, which is to finally tap into one’s courage to be more of oneself. I believe the hardest thing in the world is to do just that. Society places so many restrictions on us – especially women. Whether the obstacle be from a childhood wound, pressure from family, friends or society or other force, its effect can be devastating. My stories tend to be about breaking away from the “shoulds” and embracing one’s natural tendencies (all safe, sane and consensual, of course). All my characters have things to overcome to get to that point where they feel free enough to just be themselves and explore love, sexuality and intimacy in whatever way suits them.

Do you have a magic elixir you need when you write graphic sex scenes?

Elizabeth: Yes. My characters have to be so far “into it” that I’m merely observing and taking notes. Their emotions and bodies need to be humming with desires and needs. When a graphic sex scene is necessary (and it’s not always), it’s because the characters are so open in the moment that nothing is off the table – none of the words, none of the actions and none of the feelings. For me, the rawness of what’s happening should add to the reader experience and put them dead center in how the characters is feeling.

Have any of your sexual escapades made it into your books? Care to share.

Elizabeth: I needed to write a rope bondage scene for a novella, Riptide. I knew only what I’d seen and read about, and as I was writing it I could tell something big was missing. I mean, watching most rope work can be like watching paint dry. It’s just not that interesting after a while. You simply can’t know what is going on inside the people doing it – their minds, their emotions, their bodies are experiencing something but is hidden from an observer. So, I asked a rope master if he’d play with me. He agreed, and did one Saturday night at a private play party.

Holy Mother Of All That Is Kinky and Holy.

He did some rope bondage on me, including suspension, that sent me flying. In fact, I flew for a few days afterward. My husband was there to observe and nothing sexual happened, but I have to tell you that rope Master owned me for about four days. Remember, this happened on a Saturday night.

Sometime Tuesday afternoon I “woke up,” meaning the subspace state the scene had sent me into had finally cleared and I was no longer fantasizing about running away with this man. I had to sit my husband down and tell him I could never, ever do that again because seriously, the guy owned me. LOL Thankfully this rope Master is quite ethical and after we scened, he went back to his life and I went back to mine (after the appropriate follow-up, of course). But I consider that experience the reason that rope scene in Riptide went so well. I knew exactly what Ava was going through.

Wow, just wow! Thank you for being so open and sharing. I’ve only done a little bit of rope work. I liked the experience just fine, but it didn’t measure up to what you describe. Hmm, now I’m wondering if my DH would let me try it too, under the masterful hands of a different man?

What about your readership — keeping it anonymous, of course, which reader has most surprised you?

Elizabeth: My mother. She loves my books, which shocked the heck out of me. This is the woman who took my Barbie dolls away from me when I was seven because I was tying them up. Now? She insists on buying my books (even though I’ve tried to gift them to her) in paperback so she can –and I quote – read and then re-read them. I always knew mom was open and one of the least judgmental people on the planet, despite her locking up my Barbies. But to have her actively enjoy my stories was a real shocker. Don’t get me wrong. I love it! At age 78 she’s still so open to new and different ways of living and loving. I drew the line at hearing about her younger “experimentation” years around sex and intimacy, but it’s such a gift to me to be able to be open about my writing and not hide it. She even belongs to my private Facebook group, Elizabeth’s Playroom, though she’s been good to remain anonymous.

For the record, my dad also read the first book in my Elite Doms of Washington series. That’s only because my sister outed me. Traitor. Ha! He has his PhD in American Literature and always wanted me to be a writer so I guess he got his wish. After he finished Elite, he simply said, “Well, I didn’t disappear into a puff of smoke, and though it’s not my cup of tea your writing is excellent.” (Thanks, Dad.)

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Good luck readers, and in the meantime, Elizabeth, please tell us about your current work

Elizabeth: My latest book is Invincible, a silver fox ménage that is a guaranteed ugly cry.

And tell us what excites you about it?

Elizabeth: Everything, to be honest. Invincible is Alexander’s story. He has had a presence throughout the series, and he finally was ready to have his story told – and warnings: ugly cry guaranteed. Everyone knows Alexander as the formidable head of the Elite Doms, the glue that holds everyone together, an unshakeable force. But his courage and confidence came from living through hell. He loved and lost repeatedly in the past, and was in fact banished from the death bed of a former lover. He finally gets his revenge 40 years later. What excited me the most was the rawness of this story. Some ugly parts of our society and past had to be revealed, but Alexander wanted me to hold nothing back. So I didn’t. Another part of this book that excites me is that the heroes and heroine are over 40. Alexander is 60, Rebecca is 56 and Eric is 48. After all, love and desire are ageless.

Invincible — Alexander Rockingham keeps the secrets of Washington DC’s most elite players, but none are as devastating as his own.

Silver fox. Power player. Author of revenge. People have called Alexander many things over the years, but it’s the last one he’s been living for.

Years ago, the Wynters ripped away everyone he’d loved. He made a promise then to erase that name. Now, with the family matriarch dead, he walks through the gates of their Connecticut estate as the owner with a sledgehammer in his hand. The only thing left to do is say goodbye to his beloved Charles. He didn’t expect to find Rebecca, the third in their lovers’ trio, standing there. He didn’t expect the man who is helping him settle the Wynter estate to offer himself to him and Rebecca as a stopgap to recapture a happier time. He didn’t expect to fall in love again—with both of them.

They say three is the strongest number. But sometimes the ghosts of the past are unbeatable, even for three.

Invincible is a M/F/M and M/M/F standalone novel in the Elite Doms of Washington Series. No cliff-hanger, HEA guaranteed. No cheating!


“…dramatic, intense and filled with deep emotions both big and small.”

“…a beautiful story of love, loss, grief, forgiveness, acceptance, and release.”






Elizabeth SaFleur writes erotic romance and steamy contemporary stories from 28 wildlife-filled acres, dances in her spare time as part of a burlesque and aerial arts dance troupe and is a certifiable tea snob. Meet her at

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~ Kate

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