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College Student Flirts with Cute Guy Turns Out, He is Gay But He’s an Identical twin

Yup, you read that title right; a gay twin man did in fact act as a wingman for University of Iowa student Jillian when she asked him out.

When Jillian spotted the “cute guy” in the dining hall of her university, she decided to be brave and slip him her number. Later that day, she got an interesting text message back from Derek, with an even more interesting and funny twist.

“Hey this is Derek from Burge! I wanted to say I respect your confidence to be able to come up to me and give me your number, you are very pretty. Unfortunately I am gay BUT I am an identical twin and he’s straight if you’d like his number or snapchat.”

What the hell are the chances?

Jill, realizing she was in quite the opportune predicament, responded back with a hilarious “Oh my lanta. Honest, that works out. Yes please.”

Yes, it does work out, Jill. Yes, it does.

Of course, Twitter ate up the hilarious screenshots of Jillian’s apparently sitcom moment. And of course, Jill and Derek had to do a follow up to their story.

A day later, Jillian posted a picture of her and Derek together with the caption that they’re friends now, and that things are going well with Jillian and the straight twin brother too. They will all be hanging out after thanksgiving break too!

Of course, after posting Jill posted the picture of Derek, gay twitter blew up asking if Derek is single. So, is he?

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