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The Chateau by Tiffany Reisz


OMG...this was so good! So, so good!! The Chateau is the ninth installment in Tiffany Reisz’s deliciously complex BDSM/erotica series Original Sinners It is a prequel of sorts that centers on fan-favorite: Kingsley at the young age of 24 years old when he is given a particular assignment by the military intelligence agency he works for.

This erotic thriller offers twists, surprising revelations, agonizing choices, exhalations of painful satisfaction, breathtaking perspectives on the beauty of a BDSM relationship, and Ms. Reisz's personal love note/sequel to The Story of O. Tastefully fun, engaging, erotic, beautiful, palpable, and a total mindf*ck, Tiffany Reisz’s The Chateau will take you captive and you will never want to be let go.

Five out of five scorching stars. Read it as a standalone or read it in order with the rest of the series. You'll be good either way. Just read it!

Category: Erotic Romance

Publisher: 8th Circle Press

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