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100’s of LGBT+ Books on Sale by Riverdale Avenue Books for Pride Month

By Lori Perkins

To celebrate Pride as we exit the second year of the pandemic, innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books kicks off Pride month on June 1st with a month-long 33% off sale on a 100 of its LGBTQ+ titles. All books in the Magnus imprint (nonfiction), the MagnusLit (fiction) and 120 Days (vintage LGBTQ+) are a third off with the code PRIDE2022 on its website,

Riverdale Avenue Books’ LGBTQ+ titles have won awards from Lambda, Bi-Writers Association, The Triangle Awards and the Independent Publishers’ Association (IPPYs).

Said Riverdale Avenue Publisher Lori Perkins, “We’ve been in hibernation for the past two years and we need to really celebrate the ability to come together and make our presence known as we face the possibility of restrictive changes about sexuality and gender in our country. Pride month is a time when publishing shines a spotlight on LGBTQ books, and we want to make sure that our titles are easy to find and affordable.”

Riverdale Avenue Books was chosen as Bi-Publisher of the Year by the Bi Writers Association in 2014.


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