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Young Royals Announces Third and Final Season

By David T. Valentin

When Season Two ended with a bang, with Crowned Prince Willehelm airing the royal family’s dirty laundry during a televised speech to the country of Sweden for his school’s 120th anniversary, viewers were left on the edges of their seat wondering what might happen next. Even more so, fans anticipated the announcement for Young Royals next season.

Yesterday, Netflix announced the third and final season to their hit gay romance show, Young Royals. Through a charming parody of the famous tune of Twelve Days of Christmas sung by Hillerska’s choir, on the last and final day Netflix gave us “And Young Royals Season Three!”

And what a promising finale to Young Royals it could be. With Willehelm and Simon practically back together, Willehelm somewhat confidently taking up the mantle of crowned prince (although out of spite to his snobbish cousin August), and the royal family in disarray for Willehelm’s stunt, Season Three could be the best season yet.


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