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X Marks The Grave for Twitter

By David T. Valentin

We can all agree the impending, final doom of Twitter will be coming soon. Given Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter officially back in October of last year and the changes he's made (verification purchases, view limits, unleashing right-wing troll bots despite saying he'd make it a "fairer" social media site, etc. etc. etc. need I add more?), users of the app have been flooding toward other, newer sites like Blue Sky and Threads, or even moving into old sites like Tumblr.

But the latest of Elon's changes have had heads turning and laughing. Twitter, famously known for its blue little bird icon, has now been rebranded to a simple, grey, dull "X". Elon Musk says the change came about for his desire to turn Twitter into the ultimate meta-website where users can conduct finances and mass communication. As if Twitter wasn't one of the best apps for live-updates on news prior to his purchasing of the company but is now the Internet Explorer of social media sites when it comes to keeping up to date with news, but I digress.

Of course, while Elon might hide the most up to date news, including mocking memes of the new CEO of Twitter (or X?), he can't hide them forever, even if said memes are a day or three behind.


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