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Wordle – A Love Story!

By Lori Perkins

So now that we are back in captivity for all intents and purposes (certainly those of us on the East Coast and middle America, where we are also experiencing the joys of winter), and we desperately need new things to engage us. Many of us have discovered WORDLE, a new interactive word game that kind of combines scrabble and crosswords.

It was created by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn software engineer who once worked for Reddit, who knew that his partner, Palik Shah, liked to play word games, so he made one up for her. In case there are any romance writers reading this, THIS is my idea of a HEA. I just cannot imagine a greater gift from someone who loves you!

Wordle is a free five-letter game that gives you six chances to fill in the daily blanks. After each try, the tiles colors change to gray to indicate which letters are not in the word, yellow for the letters that are in the word but in the wrong position and green to show which ones are in the word and in the right position. Some people solve the word puzzle in minutes…some never. There is one new Wordle puzzle per day.

The game sort of launched in October, but according to NPR, as of this week, there are now more than 2.7 million players without any advertising. You just have to download the app.

Imagine being Shah, the recipient of all this word love? She told The New York Times that she appreciated that Wardle originally created it for her. “It’s really sweet,” she said. “This is definitely how Josh shows his love.”

Go here to play,

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