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While We Were All Watching the Insurrection, Divorce and New Love Was Happening

By Lori Perkins

Image taken from CNN

In case you were too glued to CNN to notice, this week we learned that Kim Kardashian is planning on divorcing another unstable guy who ran for president and lost AND Olivia Wilde left comedian Jason Sudeikis for (drumroll) Harry Styles!

News of the Kardashian/West split started surfacing at the beginning of the week, after Page Six reported that Kim had hired divorce lawyer Laura Wasser who handled Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce. Vanity Fair reported that Kardashian said she was doing this “for the kids’ sake,” but celebrity reporters have been saying that the couple has lived separately for the past six months. The British newspaper The Sun reports that Kayne is thinking he will relocate to London if there is a divorce as he hopes to bring his Sunday Service Choir to Europe.

As far as Wilde and Sudeikis are concerned, the couple was together for nine years and has two kids. Wilde started directing with Booksmart, and began working on Don’t Worry Darling starring Harry Styles in the fall. Sudeikis recently said he thought they were still together then, but it appears that Wilde changed her mind about their nine-year engagement. Some day men will actually understand Beyoncé!


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