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Tiny Ghost Press Announces Sequel to ‘The Alpha’s Son’ with ‘Chasing the Alpha’s Son’

By David T. Valentin

Yesterday, indie book publisher Tiny Ghost Press revealed not only the cover for the sequel to The Alpha’s Son, a book they have noted changed “the course of our little queer indie publishing house.”

With an average rating of 3.3 on Goodreads with 2,660 rating and549 reviews and a 4.1 average on Amazon with 1,108 ratings, it’s understandable the book garnered attention for Tiny Ghost Press.

Alongside the book cover, Tiny Ghost Press also posted the jacket copy for Chasing the Alpha’s Son, which you can read in the post as well.

While the prose of the book was captivating, the plot of the book was a bit lackluster. Given some of the wonky plot points and some of the forced conflict between the main character, Max, and his love interest, Jasper, for some it may be hard for some readers to come back to the story.

Still, given the shortcomings of the first book, readers, like myself, are still rooting for Max and Jasper to get together. Given that and how likable the entire cast of characters were, I’ll certainly be preordering Chasing the Alpha’s Son.


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