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The Body Positive String Bikini

By Rachel Zimny

As hot girl summer returns, it’s little surprise that the looks of the oughts are coming back. Low rise pants and flare cut jeans have made their reappearance, but the most iconic throwback to watch out for this summer is the string bikini.

Anyone who remembers the early 2000s will easily remember how a flat stomach was the ultimate accessory. The biggest difference with the string bikini of 2021, however, is how it has overlapped with the body positivity movement.

More and more plus-sized individuals have embraced the body positivity movement in the last few years. The average size in women’s clothing in the US is 16, and yet most popular brands either haven’t made clothing larger than a size 14, or refuse to make stylish clothing for larger bodies. People are sick of it.

Instead of fighting for the thin ideal, more people are embracing their size. #Fatfashion is trending on TikTok with a bikini haul as a prominent feature and retailers have taken notice. Businesses like Shein and Asos have burst in popularity because of their stylish and accessible plus size collections. The body positivity movement is gaining traction and being skinny is no longer a requirement.

The string bikini, in effect, has become a symbol of fat liberation. There is no shame in existing in a bigger body, and by donning a suit where there is nowhere to hide weight, plus sized women are forcing the world around them to accept them and accept fat bodies.

I’m personally very excited to grab one of my own.


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