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Ted Lasso is Back and I Forgot How Much We Needed Him

By Lori Perkins

I remember those wild days of COVID lockdown and nationally televised toxic masculinity and how thankful I was to be able to cuddle up in front of my TV and watch this amazing, and amusing, show featuring an array of hot men of all ages and colors not being dicks.

I was amazed that the second season was as strong as the first, and was a little fearful that season three, which just started this past Sunday, March 12, would disappoint. I mean how can they keep it going? But I was pleasantly surprised with the first episode of the season wherein Ted, the American college football coach hired in spite to helm an English soccer team, gracefully turns a nasty press conference on its head. It’s exactly what I love about the show, and, hopefully, a learning experience for people dealing with similar situations. I know I’ll think of this scene if I am ever in the situation where I am expected to retaliate in a nasty way, but can turn it around.

After what feels like a decade (but only half that) of everyday nasty, I will be eagerly looking forward to my next Lasso hit of funny kindness every Sunday—and then, of course, I’ll immediately move on to Yellowjackets, (returning March 24th) which is just full of female angst, because that’s the world we live in now.


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