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Suffragettes Musical Moves to Bway in 2024 with Hilary Clinton and Malala as Producers

By Lori Perkins

This is going to be interesting.

Suffs, a musical about the suffragettes of the 1900’s, is slated to open on Broadway in April 2024. Former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, have announced that they are producers of the forthcoming show.

An earlier version of this musical ran at the Pubic Theater last year, but will be moving to Broadway’s Music Box theater in the spring.

According to The New York Times, the musical is a longtime passion project of singer-songwriter Shaina Taub, who created the production writing the book, music and lyrics. She also starred in the 2022 Public Theater production, but casting for April production is unknown at this time.

The show takes place in 1913. According to the synopsis: “Reaching across and against generational, racial, and class divides, these brilliant, flawed women entertain and inspire us with the story of their hard-won victory in an ongoing fight. So much has changed since the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment over a century ago, and yet we’re reminded sometimes we need to look back, in order to march fearlessly into the future.”

“I am thrilled to join with the team behind Suffs in bringing Shaina Taub’s remarkable musical about the unsung heroes of the American women’s suffrage movement to the Broadway stage – where it rightly belongs,” said Clinton. “And I can’t wait for audiences to experience this soul-stirring slice of long-overlooked American history; both entertaining and enlightening, Suffs paints a vivid picture of the necessary battles for democracy and equality that are still being fought today.”

“I loved Suffs when I saw it last year at The Public Theater,” said Malala. “Many women around the world are still fighting for equality — and we draw inspiration and strength through learning the stories of those who came before us. I am honored to support Shaina and this production, and I hope Suffs echoes beyond Broadway to reach audiences worldwide.”

Opening day is April 18th.


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