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Stranger Things Fans Go Wild After Seeing The ScriptFor THAT Nancy and Steve Scene in Season 4

By David T. Valentin

Every once in a while, fandoms get their eyes on the script of some of their favorite shows. Today as I went on Twitter, I found Nany Wheeler trending. Interested, I clicked on it to see a script of the scene between Nancy and Steve, the one where Steve confesses, he wants six little “nuggets” running around as they take a slew of cross-country road trips in a big RV.

After Steve gives his little talk, Nancy caves and says, “That sounds nice.” Somewhat shocked, Steve replies, “Yeah?” To which Nancy reassures him with a “Yeah.” Then the script reads, A moment; they lock eyes: Nancy’s BASHFUL smile; chin lowed... Jonathan Who?


Fans were sent into a frenzy, demanding for the Duffer brothers to bring back the Nancy Wheeler we all know and love; the Nancy who is ambitious, brave and strong and would certainly not settle with a quiet life with six “little nuggets.”

The Jancy shippers, the ship fans use for Nancy and Jonathan, came to the defense of their little anxious, awkward boy insisting that Nancy of all people wouldn’t be swooned by the promise of a family. Sure, Steve promises adventure, but if that held Nancy freaking Wheeler’s journalism career, she would most obviously say hell no.

Of course, some fans are also hoping to see a Nancy and Robin endgame couple, but I doubt that would happen. Despite the two having some excellent chemistry on screen, I really prefer the smart, popular girl teaming up and getting along with the dorky, clumsy lesbian sidekick. Afterall, the two come from very different walks of life and are incredibly different people.

But perhaps that’s more than enough to ship the two together?


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