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Stop Thirsting for President Zelenskyy

By Lori Perkins

According to a recent article in Jezebel, this a mostly American phenomenon, where as international figures grab the admiration of the social media public, Americans dress them up in hero costumes and bulging superhero biceps, as well as write fanfiction of their sexual, as well as, military/intellectual prowess.

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find plenty of images of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wearing a Supermanish blue uniform with gold Ukrainian lettering on his chest, or worse.

A day or two ago Jeremy Renner was trending as the supposed peoples’ choice to play Zelenskyy in the yet unwritten movie about the bravery he has shown in this horrific real-life battle unfolding before our eyes for the land and soul of his country.

While I know this is a way of distracting ourselves, it really is unseemly. It reduces something so unfathomable to petty pop culture memes, and worse. Would we have done this with Patton and Churchill in WWII?

Everything, and everyone, is not a consumable object of desire.

Some things are sacred.

Some things are meant to be left alone.


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