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Spiderman: No Way Home is a Christmas Present to Marvel Fans

By Lori Perkins

I bought my 3D tickets two weeks in advance, because I read that scalpers were selling them for hundreds of dollars, so when I went to a theater jammed to capacity on opening night (even though we were newly afraid of the wave of Omicron variant that was spreading thorough New York City), I was double-masked the whole time, and wondering if this movie was going to be worth it.

It was.

Spiderman: No Way Home is a Christmas present to Marvel fans. It is jammed packed with delightful nostalgia to every Marvel movie and TV show any fan has ever seen (and even the comics, which I started reading as a kid at the knee of my cousin Dennis in the 60s).

In case you don’t know, this film is a kind of culmination of the last two decades of Spiderman movies. Almost every Spidey villain is in there, as well as all the actors who played Spiderman in the past 18 years, and even some of the Marvel characters from other franchises such as Dare Devil and Dr. Strange, since Spiderman is an Avenger.

The basic plot line is that Spiderman asks Dr. Strange to cast a spell that will undo the international exposure of his real identity, and then tinkers with the spell, making it kind of backfire as it brings forth multiple players from multiple universes who know his identity. It also brings out three Spidermen. There is a ticking clock, and some super-villainy amongst the bad guys (Doc Ock, Sandman, Electro, Green Goblin and The Lizard) but the real action of this film is watching the three Spidermen interact over construction on the Statue of Liberty as they battle the bad guys and catch up on old times. There are even some really funny moments.

And of course, the real life romance between Tom Holland and Zendaya really lights up the kiss between Spiderman and MJ near the end.

With the coming wave of Omicron, you just might want to make this film the last one you see in theaters for a while.


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