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Season Four of Umbrella Academy Will be its last

By David T. Valentin

Announced on the official Umbrella Academy social medias, Season four of Umbrella Academy will be its last.

While it might seem Season four may be its last because of the unpopularity of Season three, it seems fitting the show needs to wrap up soon especially considering the ending of Season three.

Season three found the Hargreeves children in a reset version of their universe in where their foster father, Reginald Hargreeves, rules the world alongside his now living lover, Abigail. Even worse, The Umbrella Academy, and presumably the other 36 superpowered children, no longer have their powers.

And what better way to wrap up a show about dysfunctional families than having its final villain be the Hargreeves’ children’s father and the source of their childhood trauma, Reginald Hargreeves?


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