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Review of Manta Comics Latest Webcomic, "Blood Moon"

By Aaron Schoepf

Image Courtesy of Manta Comics

The Blood Moon was recently released this week on March 20th.

It's the story of Linnea, a young woman who is moving to the North to be married off. She’s leaving the home of her uncle, who she worked as a maid for. As she arrives she is greeted by Sofia , a housekeeper of the family Mattel. She’s immediately ushered in and begins preparing for her wedding. She then bumps into Aleksis, her soon to be step-son. She then finally commences her marriage to the Count Eduard, and begins to question her decision to move and start this new life, but she’s already here, so why shouldn't she see what this life has to bring her?

This new webcomic is beautiful with its exquisite illustration and story line. I highly recommend it, and personally can’t wait for more!

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