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Power Rangers Gets Its Much-Needed Dose of Queer Representation

By David T. Valentin

For the second time in the Power Rangers series, we get a Queer ranger out and proud.

Power Rangers Dino Fury, the latest take on the Power Rangers and the 28th and 29th seasons of Power Rangers, sees green ranger Izzy Garcia (played by Tessa Rao) openly proud in one of the latest episodes of the series.

In the scene, Garcia’s teammates (or team rangers?) talk about Garcia having feelings for someone when one of the rangers interrupts to say, “Well, you weren’t wrong.” Out in the distance on their campus yard, Garcia is seen with a friend. The two pack up their bags and walk hand-in-hand to their next class.

And while it’s a big deal for fans outside the show, the portrayal of Garcia as Queer is celebrated for representing Queer characters without centering the story around a coming-out tale.

With the release of the episode, executive producer Simon Bennett took to twitter to celebrate with fans the importance of Queer representation.

“Very happy with the reaction to Power Rangers #dinofury episode 13, which has just aired in France,” Bennett tweeted. “Really looking forward to when it is available in the US, and I can jump into discussions.”

The episode will air on October 16th in the US.


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