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Personal Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Queerness

By Bella Cannizzo

A recent op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Look What We Made Taylor Swift Do,” by Anna Marks speculates and questions whether Taylor Swift is queer or not.  The piece dives deep studying the singer’s lyrics and actions that back the LGBTQ community.  The article is facing backlash for being invasive and inappropriate due to discussing her personal sexuality and identity.  

So, what do I think of it?  I first want to start off by saying I agree with the fact that it should have been published, yet I do not agree entirely with what is said.  Let me explain… 

I support the freedom of expression.  People can write what they want.  So, I support the New York Times publishing a questionable piece.  It pushes boundaries which I think is important.  It allows for growth and development whether that be for the newspaper, the writer, or the readers.  As far as the content, can you make valid assumptions about an artist’s identity based on their art?  More narrowly, a writer based on their poems? A singer based on their songs?  I do not think so.  I think you can assume, but there is great trouble in assumptions.  Especially, when it is none of your business to assume.  Some quotes within this article leave me feeling a little uncomfortable, for example, “What if the “Lover Era” was merely Ms. Swift’s attempt to douse her work — and herself — in rainbows, as so many baby queers feel compelled to do as they come out to the world?”  I think that previous statement is for Taylor Swift to decide and for Taylor Swift to decide only. 

 I think it is kind of normalized in the music industry for there to be questions about musicians and singers sexuality.  But I just think if an article was written by an athlete, government official, or important healthcare professional’s sexuality, it would be extremely inappropriate, unprofessional,  and unlikely.  


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