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NYC’s Town Hall to Host George Floyd Memorial Concert

By Lori Perkins

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New York City’s Town Hall is the site for the first annual memorial concert for George Floyd, which will be held Tuesday, May 24th.

The event will be hosted by Geoffrey Owens and Teri Woods, and featuring Melba Moore, Karen Clark-Sheard, Pastor Kim Burrell, Bobby Sanabria, Jessica Reedy, Marc Hughes Music, Judy Gorman, R.I.F-AB Money, Easy Mo Bee & J.R., Tenishia Toussaint, Juggernaut War Party, Mike & Aleksi Glick, Nan O'Brien, the Repertory Company High School for Theater Arts, the Freedom School of Harlem, and more!

Honorees of the event are Melba Moore, Big Daddy Kane, Irene Gandy, Rome Neal, R.I.F., Bishop James Pullings, Jr. (Church Of God In Christ), Rev. Clinton Miller (Brown Memorial Baptist Church), and Elinor Tatum (NY Amsterdam News). Special guests will include George Floyd family members; families of violence victims Tamir Rice, Quantez Burks, and Jamal Southerland; Mayor Eric Adams and Mike Tyson.

The 1st Annual George Floyd Memorial Concert is presented by the non-profit organization, A Soulful Heart Memorializing George Floyd, Jr., which was co-founded by Selwyn Jones, George Floyd’s uncle, along with Stephen Davis and Love McCall. This premier fundraising event commemorates the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. The stellar concert will raise monies to advance A Soulful Heart’s ambitious goals of developing, implementing, and integrating social justice educational programs for elementary through university level programs; creating community social justice resources and programs; and providing scholarships for students pursuing social justice and civil rights degrees. Long- term goals of the non-profit organization include the establishment of the George Floyd, Jr. International Center For Social Justice in Washington, D.C.

A Soulful Heart Memorializing George Floyd, Jr., Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit organization. A portion of your ticket purchase may be tax deductible. If you purchase your ticket(s) before Tuesday, May 24th, your price is already discounted 15% from the original ticket price.

Masks will still be required to be worn inside the venue at all times until further notice. Mask wearing will be required for this evening's performance.

According to its website, Town Hall has played an integral part in the cultural fabric of New York City for more than 100 years. Disclosing a tale of a vibrant group of suffragists (The League for Political Education) whose fight for the 19th Amendment led them to build a meeting space to educate people on the important issues of the day. The Hall was designed by renowned architects McKim, Mead & White to reflect the democratic principles of the League. Box seats were eliminated and no seats had an obstructed view giving birth to the term "Not a bad seat in the house." During completion of the building the 19th Amendment was passed (women's right to vote), and on January 12, 1921 The Town Hall opened its doors and took on a double meaning: as a symbol of the victory sought by its founders, and as a spark for a new, more optimistic climate.

Masks will still be required to be worn inside the venue at all times until further notice. Mask wearing will be required for this evening's performance


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