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My Year of Dicks Should Have Won the Oscar

By Lori Perkins

Wouldn’t that have been amazing, in and of itself? But the even more amazing thing about this short animated film is how revolutionary it is.

When I heard Pedro Pascal sputter out the film’s title on the Academy Awards, I thought it was going to be a film about a woman’s annoyance at the many dick picks she had been sent over a year, but instead it was this honest, touching five-chapter animated film about a young girl’s quest to relinquish her virginity in the 90’s.

Each chapter features a different young man that the teen narrator, Pamela, thinks she’s falling for. Each chapter is in a different animated style to coordinate with the different “dicks.” There are no actually dicks depicted in the film, just the men/boys that own them.

It’s funny and poignant and just an amazing piece of female-centered young adult film making that I never thought would ever get nominated for an Oscar.

How awesome would it have been to have something like this win in the year when something as nontraditional as EEAAO, a sci-fi, romance, action-adventure metaverse movie, swept the Oscars? I guess this would have been too much.

My Year of Dicks is on Hulu, but you can also watch it online at Vimeo,


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