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Movies for Mother’s Day

By Lori Perkins

After a few years of waiting on long lines at restaurants, my son and I decided that the best way to celebrate the day was to go to the movies. One year we went to a five-film marathon of the Captain America saga (and the tickets included lunch and snacks).

One of our favorite places to go is our local Alamo Draft House, which this year has two specials for Mother’s Day. They are offering a Mama Mia Brunch during the day, which includes the movie and a selection of a Breakfast Club, Blueberry Donut French Toast Bake, or Breakfast Tacos which can be paired with a brunch cocktail classic like Desert Spring Water or the Coming Up Rosé Fizz.

Their evening offering is Champagne Cinema: Legally Blonde Movie Party, which is an interactive screening featuring champagne and fun props.

If you don’t want to see a classic with mom, might I suggest you go to any theater on the 14th and see either Dead God, It’s Me Margaret, the pitch-perfect adaptation of Judy Bloom’s coming of age girl film, with just spot-on casting of Abby Ryder Fortson as Margaret and Rachel McAdams as her mom (she finally gets to play something else beside girlfriend and wife, although I guess the mother role is kind of wifey). I wouldn’t be surprised it Fortson gets some nominations for her role.

If that’s not your bond, you might also try taking in Book Club: The Next Chapter, the four older friends movie that features gal pals Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Diane Keeton on a bachelorette jaunt to Italy post-pandemic. It has all the familiar faces, plus beautiful Italian scenery, as well as some fun senior bridal fashion, and a few laughs. If you loved the first movie, this won’t disappoint, but it won’t surprise you either.

You can also stay home and binge. In the past we’ve done a day of films featuring Mummies (ha ha) and a Terminator or Alien marathon.


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