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Mob Wife Aesthetic

By Bella Cannizzo

Friend-“Bella your style is in” 

Me-“What do you mean”

Friend-”You always look disheveled in a good way, you know.  Your eyeliner is always smudged.  You're a hot mess.  You fit the ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic.’” 

Is this supposed to be a compliment?  I was not sure.  I did some research on what it truly means, and I am thinking now, maybe it is.

So there was the whole “Clean Girl Aesthetic” that seemed to be trendy.  Simple white clothing, slick back hair styles, minimalist jewelry, dreamy perfumes, fitness, tidiness, healthy eating, skincare, no-makeup look, work-life balance, fresh, glowing.  It was a lot about living an effortless, healthy, and gorgeous lifestyle.  It was a little unattainable, and frankly, expensive.  The good news is, it's out.  There is a new, more relaxed style in…

Fitting in the “Mob Wife Aesthetic” means exactly what it sounds like.  Heavy eyeliner, random and bold clothes, red nails, lipstick, toughness, cheetah print, frizzy and big hair, leather, martini glasses, black clothing.  You gotta look and act like a mob wife.  It is a lot more casual than the quiet luxury and lavishness of “Clean Girl Aesthetic.”

The NY Times released an article titled, “What’s Really Behind the ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’?”  Under the title follows the statement, “A TikTok trend that’s about more than French manicures and furs, the look focuses on conspicuous signifiers of wealth earned outside the rule of law.”  The article dives deep into the power and importance behind this funny, exciting little trend.  It is about disobeying the norms of society, and finding your own personal path to wealth, success, and celebration.  You wear what you want, and get away with it.  You are who you are, and you get away with it.  You are quite literally a fashion mobster. 

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