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Millie Bobby Brown Gets Engaged and Sells a Novel, All at 19!

By Lori Perkins

@milliebobbybrown Instagram

According to People magazine, and a number of other gossip sources, the Stranger Things actress more or less announced her engagement to fellow actor Jake Bongiovi on Instagram with a black and white photo of her wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger. The caption on the Instagram photo read, “I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all” which is a lyric from Taylor Swift's "Lover."

Her fiancé, Jake, 20, is the son of rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who posted a similar shot from a different angle on his Instagram account with the word "Forever.”

But that’s not all the Millie Bobby Brown news. A few days before, Publisher’s Weekly announced that William Morrow will publish Brown’s debut novel, Nineteen Steps, in September by William Morrow. Brown described the novel as “a historical novel about an amazing, courageous 18-year-old woman called Nellie Morris, who lives with her family in Bethnal Green, in London’s East End, while the second world war rages on around them. When a tragic accident occurs during an air raid one night, the consequences are catastrophic—and life will never be the same again for Nellie.”

The full description of the novel reads as follows: “Millie Bobby Brown’s dazzling debut novel is a moving tale of love, longing, and loss, inspired by the true events of her family’s experience during World War II.

Love blooms in the darkest days…

It’s 1942, and London remains under constant threat of enemy attack as the second world war rages on. In the Bethnal Green neighborhood, Nellie Morris counts every day lucky that she emerges from the underground shelters unharmed, her loving family still surrounding her.

Three years into the war, she’s grateful to hold onto remnants of normalcy—her job as assisting the mayor and nights spent at the local pub with her best friend. But after a chance encounter with Ray, an American airman stationed nearby, Nellie becomes enchanted with the idea of a broader world.

Just when Nellie begins to embrace an exciting new life with Ray, a terrible incident occurs during an air raid one evening, and the consequences are catastrophic. As the truth about that night is revealed, Nellie’s world is torn apart. When it seems all hope is lost, Nellie finds that, against all odds, love and happiness can triumph.

Nineteen Steps is a deeply affecting, mesmerizing page-turner inspired by the author’s family history. An epic story of longing, loss, and secrets, Millie Bobby Brown’s propulsive debut introduces an unforgettable, brave young woman and boldly portrays the strength in the power of love.”


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