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Mattel Launches Line of Movie Career Barbies

By Lori Perkins

On the heels of the Barbie movie’s enormous commercial success, it should be no surprise that Mattel’s “career of the year” set of dolls this year is the movie industry.  They have released as set of four individual Barbie dolls, going for $49.99, representing different careers in the film industry.

This year’s women in film dolls set includes a Studio Executive, Director, Cinematographer and Movie Star. Each doll showcases a different career in movie-making with a professional outfit and accessories related to her job. 

  • The Studio Exec Barbie wears a black business suit;

  • Cinematographer Barbie comes with a headset, viewfinder and script;

  • Director Barbie comes with a camera and clapboard; 

  • Movie Star Barbie comes with an award figure and jewelry, as well as a pink sequined “awards” dress.

According to Mattel, the dolls have diverse looks with different hair color, skin tones, eye colors and body types, and “their modern outfits help immerse imaginations in role-play.” 

According to Mattel, this year’s Barbie doll showcases four of the more than 250 careers on Barbie’s impressive resume which includes all sorts of athletes, scientists, politicians, educators, chefs and teachers.

Of course, Mattel can’t please everyone, and this year’s women in film doll set offering came under criticism for not having a writer in the group.

Special editions of Barbie dolls have sold out quickly, as evidenced by last year’s Stevie Nicks’ Barbie, which sold out in three days and now sells on eBay for up to $1,000.  My gut tells me that this Film Industry Barbie set, which goes on sale at Target, Walmart and Amazon today, will be one of those sold-out editions.

Can’t wait until they do the Publishing Industry Barbie set.


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