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JoJo Siwa Shows Off Her Girlfriend for the Very First Time

By David T. Valentin

For the first time since JoJo Siwa came out just a few weeks ago on Instagram, the former Dance Moms star showed off her girlfriend in a heartwarming TikTok just two days ago. The TikTok features JoJo leaning on her partner, looking up at her with a special twinkle in her eyes and a big smile across her face.

The caption reads, “I did it!! My human. It’s been 1 month since my best friend asked me to be her girlfriend, and it’s been the best month ever. I love you.” Along with the adorable video clip of the two and the sweet caption, the video also has a sweet sound bite that says in a baby’s voice “guys I did it! I found the person that makes me the happiest I have ever been.”

Yes, we’re sobbing over here too.

Although the dancing star has been open to her fans about her sexuality, thanking everyone for their love and support, Jojo has decided to keep her girlfriend’s name anonymous for the time being.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon just a few days before she posted her one-month celebratory TikTok, JoJo told the talk show host how special her girlfriend is. “I do have the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. I just haven’t shown the internet yet.

“Personally I have never, ever, ever been this happy before and it feels really awesome. I’ve been happy for a little bit now. It’s just so, so, so awesome.”

The star’s coming out is a big step for teen influencers in the media, considering the amount of watchful eyes from children’s parents and children’s news networks. But despite the amount of backlash she may receive in the wake of her coming out, the love of her fans and the influence she will have for teens struggling to come to terms with their sexuality will far outweigh the bad. Seeing Jojo happy and thriving means that other teens will feel free to become a truer, more authentic version of themselves.


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