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It’s Official: J-Rod is No More

By Lori Perkins

When I saw Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and then J-Rod trending on Twitter this morning, my stomach knotted. It was either going to be news that they had tied the knot in some sort of cute and secret way or that they were officially over.

As almost everyone knows, released an exclusive statement on Today this morning and announced that their engagement had ended but that they “are better as friends.”

It was classy, and certainly the right way to do things, but their break up still leaves me saddened. I mean, if J-Lo and A-Rod can’t make it work, what’s the chances of a middle-aged non-celebrity from the Bronx finding her baseball-loving dreamboat and living happily ever after (that’s me, in case you can’t read between the lines)?

About a month ago, there was a burst of news stories reporting that the two had broken up after a rumored flirtation between Rodriquez and Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy, but those rumors were quickly squashed as ARod flew to the Dominican Republic to be with Lopez on the set of a film and they tried to work out their issues.


But it now looks like their four-year relationship has come to an end, even though they say they will continue to work together as friends and business partners. However, Rodriquez just bought the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team without Lopez, who he had previously partnered with in an earlier attempt to buy the NY Mets.’


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