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International Monuments Lit Up with Yellow and Blue of Ukrainian Flag

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken From Instagram @Richlit

To show support for Ukrainian independence in the war currently being raged by Russian troops, monuments throughout the world were lit up with the colors of the Ukrainian flag from Paris to New York.

Last night the Empire State Building in New York City was crowned with blue and gold, as was New York City’s Kosciuszko and Mid-Hudson bridges, and as well other structures throughout State.

Said New York’s Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday. “New York is the proud home of the largest Ukrainian population in the United States, and we condemn the unjust and unconscionable violence being perpetrated against the people of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with those in New York who are scared for their family and loved ones, and our prayers are with the innocent victims as they fight to maintain their freedom as a sovereign people and nation.”

According to the New York Times, several cities across the United States, including Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Mo., and Little Rock, Ark., have also lit up their monuments.

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower was ablaze with blue and gold. In Rome, it was the Coliseum. In London, the London Eye. In Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate.


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