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How to Dress Like Carrie Bradshaw

By Bella Cannizzo

I started watching Sex and the City about a week ago for the first time… For those of you who have watched it before, you can only imagine how I feel.  Evenmoreso than before, I am desiring a significant other, someone to fall in love with, and really, anyone.  Also, cigarettes seem more appealing along with heels.

When I came home from college just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to get rid of all my clothes.  I needed to get rid of the leggings from sixth grade, five actually ugly sweaters, and the pair of shoes I never wore.  Not only did I get rid of old, overused things, but I also got rid of things I wear every day now.  I wanted a new wardrobe which would hopefully translate to a new start.  I think the way you present yourself can say a lot about you.  My new start will be dressing like Carrie Bradshaw.  

One cannot help but love her big and curly hair paired with a fabulous dress, bold earrings, and shiny heels.  She tends to wear lots of colors, especially pink.  She spices up classic pieces in her own way.  Here are my 10 steps to dressing like Carrie.  

  1. Heels

Whether Carrie is wearing pants, shorts, a skirt, or dress, she always wears heels.  When going out, they are rather high heels.  But, when walking around, Carrie wears cute kitten heels to elevate a simpler outfit.  

  1. Capris

Big cargo pants seem to be in right now, but capris will always have a special place in my heart, and in Carrie’s.  Capris + heels = perfect summer look

  1. Aviators

Carrie’s aviator sunglasses are iconic, and a must-have when trying to emulate her style.  

  1. Big Furry Coats

Carrie and her friends all wear big and furry, usually animal-printed coats.  When adding this to an outfit, it almost adds a 1970s vibe to it.

  1. Strapless Midi Dresses

Strapless necklines radiate simplicity and elegance.  They are timeless.  Most dresses that Carrie wears have this classic neckline.  These dresses seem to be her staple when going out to get drinks, for a date, or an event.  

  1. Scarfs

Transform any look with a fun, patterned scarf around your neck or hair.  I know Bradshaw does…

  1. Layering Necklaces

There's nothing better than fun jewelry.  Carrie knows that.  She tends to wear multiple necklaces varying from choker length to long chains decorated with thick beads and colors.  

  1. Blazers

Add a blazer to any look to bring it up a notch.  Pair a blazer with quite literally anything to make the complete outfit a bit more formal and classy.  

  1. Headbands

I love when Carrie wears headbands, and I want to start wearing them more.  They are such a fun accessory that I think is overrated.  

  1. Mini Purse

Has anyone seen the episode when Mr. Big buys her a bird clutch purse?  So, when I am talking about mini-purses, I do not mean that one.  I mean every other cute one viewers see that match her different outfits.  


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