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House of the Dragon Star Emma D'Arcy Seduces the Internet

By David T. Valentin

Image taken from Emma D'arcy's Instagram, taken by Mark Leibowitz

If you’re on House of the Dragon TikTok, you might never t hear the words Negroni, Sbagliatto and Prosecco the same again. Yesterday, an interview between Emma D’Arcy, who plays adult Rhaeneyra Targaryen , and Olivia Cooke, who plays adult Alicent Hightower, went viral in where the two actors play a little game. One draws a paper from a dragon shaped bowl and reads out the question and then they both respond.

The clip that went viral shows Olivia Cooke asking Emma D’arcy, “What’s your drink of choice?” to which Emma immediately responds, with a coy smile and a raised eyerbrow, “A negroni. Sbagliato,” and then, on their last word, Emma leans in and finishes, “with prosecco in it.” While it may seem like just a silly interview, the interview was shocked to hear that Emma D’arcy’s voice outside of character is just as sultry, sexy and suave.

As one TikToker put it, “When are we going to talk about how the female gaze is also auditory?” The HBO clip’s sound on TikTok now has 2,866 videos and counting in where people react to just how seductive Emma’s voice is. Some have decided to make the drink themselves, and others made a meme out of it.

Now this clip is just one of many between Emma D'arcy and Olivia Cooke, but it's clear the two have seamless chemistry with each other, which prompted many fans to demand putting the two in a romcom together. I for one cannot agree more.


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