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Holiday Beverages

By Lori Perkins

Just about when I’m getting the tree out of storage, I start thinking I should pick up some eggnog before it’s gone (one year during the pandemic I couldn’t find any).  This year I was stunned to see that the 64 ounce eggnog jug I usually buy was going for $7.99, $8.99,  even $9.99. And this is without rum.

So I was pleasantly surprised to cruise through my local Costco where it was $4.99, and equally surprised that it was better than all the other brands I had bought in the past.

I also LOVE hot chocolate this time of year and have a pretty good supply of pour-in-milk Swiss Miss varieties (caramel milk chocolate, peppermint, etc.)  But this year I was gifted with a supply of Franzese, an Italian coca mix, that knocked my cozy socks off.  Really rich and worth the splurge.

I also have a family member who I can order a bottle of home-made coquito from, a coconut milk and rum-based concoction from Porto Rico.  This year I was able to buy a bottle at my liquor store for about $20.  Nice to know I don’t have to order this in advance.

I’m all set for some long winter’s nights.


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