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Halloween Costume Roundups

By David T. Valentin

So, it's Hallow-weekend, and you know we at Romance Daily News always have you covered for some Halloween costume ideas or to prepare you on what to expect for the night to come. If you're not going to a party, just sit this one out and wait until Halloween is over.

But for those who are in need for some last minute costumes and/or some costume ideas, this one's for you.

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once

Now, I had to put this one for number one because i've seen a few people gearing up for Halloween with costumes from this movie. There are quite a lot of costume ideas you can go with, considering that, after all, the Multiverse is endless. HOWEVER, there is one costume that trumps all of them from Everything Everywhere All at Once and that is, of course, the hotdogs-for-fingers universe.

It has the slightly vintage look, the fun of the prosthetics if you can make that happen, and of course you can either go single or go as a couple. After all sausage finger Evelyn was always destined to end up with sausage finger IRS Auditor, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. So, you kind of got the final girl vibe going if you go with that.

2 . The Scarlet Witch

This costume is, of course, for the gals, the gays, the they's and everyone in between or outside of those boxes. After the success of WandaVision back in 2021, there were quite a few Wandas and Visions for Halloween that year and during conventions.

But since the release of Multiverse of Madness back in May of this year, the number of fans for the Scarlet Witch has only continued to skyrocket. With that being said, we have even more options for costume ideas for Wanda Maximoff, including Earth-838 Wanda with her bare feet out or the iconic long sleeved Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch costume.

And let's not forget there were quite a few new costumes for people to take influence from, such as America Chavez, Captain Carter, Maria Rambeau's Captain Marvel, and Christine Palmer. Then there's also She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel Titania and other icons.

I guess if you're trying to be less of an icon, there's also Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Mordo and professor Xavier. Though, those are for the straights and any of the other Marvel shows

3. Disney Themed Costumes

Disney themed costumes are always a blast, and even better there are so many you can do either on the fly or planned! Normally, I get a little specific with my costume ideas BUT I feel like Disney and Pixar have been coming out with so many iconic movies in the past few years, that I just couldn't pick just one to showcase.

For this year, we have Turning Red which could range from anything between wearing a bit of red makeup, some cat ears and perhaps a red sweater or jacket or you can go full out drag red panda. The choice and commitment is really yours.

Then, we also have the animated Light Year movie. This isn't so much a last minute costume idea as it is more so a you-better-commit kind of costume. Sure, the whole costume could be bulky and awkward depending on the direction you go, but I think it's pretty iconic enough to get a lot of heads turning.

You can also go about with a Pinnochio costume considering Disney did release a live-action film buuuut I think those who had the misfortune of seeing the movie might rather forget that one.

4. A Song of Ice and Fire Themed Costumes

With the resurgence of A Song of Ice and Fire--or Game of Thrones for how most people know the series as--through the release of House of the Dragon in the later part of this Summer, you can expect to see some of these costumes poke their heads into the limelight again.

Jon Snow and Daenerys, as coupled costumes and solo costumes, are always iconic no matter which way you do them. They are also usually the most popular. But there are some that you don't see too often that are as equally iconic.

Cersei starring out the window as she sips on her wind and schemes is always a good laugh. An Arya Stark is also just bad ass. And there's always dressing as a dragon.

With House of the Dragon, you can do a lesbian couple like Alicent and Rhaeneyra (of course if they had a happy ending), Laenor and Qarl for the gays, Rhaenys and Corlys because they're one of the few health couples in the series (or so they seem).

Let's just try to avoid any Alicent's and Viserys's or Daemon and Rhaeneyra's, please. It's the equivalent of seeing people do the Joker and Harley Quinn, and besides, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are much more iconic. Let's be real Harley Quinn belongs to the alphabet mafia.

5. Viral TikToks

Let's be real here. WIth the huge popularity of TikTok, it's almost impossible to miss out on most of the trends we see come and go throughout the years. But no matter how long or how quickly a trend comes and goes is irrelevant because someone's going to remember.

On top of that, people are now having TikTok meme themed parties, which is always fun to see what everyone comes up to. Even better, these are the perfect last minute costumes!


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