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Halloween Costume Ideas for your Pets

By David T. Valentin

Now we all know despite the ongoing pandemic there will be people having small gatherings (hopefully) for costume parties this weekend. Afterall, Halloween does land on a Saturday during a full moon. Here at RDN we’re not here to judge; we only wish to remind people to be safe, be cautious, wear a mask and wash your hands. Regardless of whether you plan on going out today, whether for a spooktastic Halloween night or trick-or-treating with the kids, we at RDN have you covered for some fun costume ideas. Last year we gave you some pretty nifty planned and spontaneous costumes for you and your partner. This year we’re giving you costume ideas for your furry little critters: cats and dogs!

First, obviously, you’re going to need a furry little best friend. For today’s modeling, we have as our star of the show Gizmo the albino pup. Then we have RJ the puggle, and then we have Carly the Yorkipoo (though, Carly doesn’t like to dress up as much as the boys, so we only dress her up for a few pictures). Yes, this will partially be a shameless plug for my dogs. No, I don’t regret it. All items you see can bought through amazon for fairly cheap and fairly quick.

The Vampire and other mythical, undead and spooky creatures

This is somewhat more of a sophisticated outfit, consisting of a double layered coat and a little collar. We found the outfit on Amazon a year or two back. Unfortunately the outfit is currently out of stock, possibly not sold by Amazon anymore, but I did some searching and found another adorable little outfit for your furry friend here at Amazon. I would say the second one not featured by our model Gizmo the albino pup is a bit more complicated, considering the cape, the shirt, and the hair, so make sure your pet is comfortable with dressing up.

The Leprechaun

Although this is a costume Gizmo the albino pup wears for St. Patrick’s Day for his quick little photo shoots, you can still dress up your furry friend in this costume for Halloween. The leprechaun costume consists of a fashionable hat, an adorable red beard, and a green bow tie. And although I wouldn’t recommend keeping the beard on your pet for too long, the hat and the bowtie make for a pretty impressively adorable combination as well. 

Onesie costumes

Who doesn’t love a quick onesie costume? You just slip the paws in, zip it up or Velcro it down if you need, and your pet is all set to go. They’re easier than the multi-pieced costumes above, and you don’t have to go searching for all the little parts to bring your pet’s costume together. Here we have Gizmo the albino pup as Santa Claus and Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch, and although Santa Claus isn’t Halloween, you could pass it off for a Nightmare Before Christmas costume (even though The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie. But that’s an article for another time). 

Superhero costumes

Next up we have the very simple, very plain superhero costume! Turns out these costumes don’t just work for a quick put-together-costume just for humans. They also work for our furry friends as well! In the back you can see RJ the puggle, even though Gizmo the pup is taking the entire spotlight. Superhero costumes are easy to switch around. You can be Batman, Superman, Spiderman, probably Green Lantern. You name it, they probably have it. 


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