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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Finally Get Married!

By Lori Perkins

I’ve just learned the news of the Stefani/Shelton wedding because I have emerged from a cabin on an island in Maine where I have not had internet for a week.

I saw an article about her wedding veil creep across my news feed, and was pleasantly shocked to see that this crazy couple waited all these years to marry (six years!) over the 4th of July weekend. Maybe that means that everyone they know and love could attend because it’d a three-day weekend, or they were hoping their nuptials would get lost in the press about the nation’s first big holiday after wide-spread vaccinations.

So, just so you know why Gwen Stefani’s wedding veil scrolled across my news feed, she had the names of her children – her three boys and her new husband—woven into the lace.

Never one to resist going over the top (she wore two Vera Wang wedding dresses), Stefani also paid tribute to her parents’ wedding by recreating their five-tier wedding cake. Her patents attended the small ceremony.

According to Fancy Cakes by Lauren, this style of cake has become a lost art of free-hand piping called Lambeth Cake Design. An instagram post about the cake read, “Complete with white swan pillars, bells, tiny sugar flowers, and white chocolate cherubs…. All of the small piping details are layers upon layers of intricate Royal icing that creates an elaborate cake design fit for (literally) America royalty,” the post said.


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