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Guest Post: The Author Viral Content Toolbox

By Brian Feinblum

Romance authors ask the same three questions when it comes to social media and the marketing of their books:

Is it really necessary? I hate it.

How do I get something to go viral? The dumbest things seem to get millions of views.

Do social media posts lead to book sales? It seems like a waste of time.

The answers are: YES. It is possible. Yes.

But, there is a caveat. You need to post with:






And, you need to properly reach out to people beyond just those that already follow – or are connected to -- you.

Let’s look, first, at what an author can post on social media. Each social media platform has unique features. The more platforms you are actively on, the greater the chance of discoverability. Right? Being on four platforms is better than one or two, although not all platforms are equal, Facebook, for instance, is way bigger than X. However, X does not limit your number of connections, making it easier to reach more people than on, say, LinkedIn.

Which ones work best for romance?




You Tube

Authors must know why they are on social media. It could be to:

·Sell books

·Get clicks on a web site

·Promote a brand

·Market a message

·Build up a followership to monetize as an influencer

·Angle for a book deal

·Sell some other product or service

·Get people to download a freebie

Authors must also know what the people on social media seek to get out of being online and interacting with you. In other words, for the people that you hope consume and share your content, what is it like for them?

Why should they like what you said – or be so impressed that they feel compelled to share it with others? What would move them to comment on it? What is it that makes them feel inspired/touched by your posts to buy a book?

What could you post on social media?


2. Digital imagery

3.Satirical or distorted images


5.Give-aways/offers of discounts and deals


7.Links to blogs or other content by or about you

8.Links to content from other people/sources





13.Quotes, with or without your commentary

14.News of the day with or without your analysis



17.Press release announcements

18.Event notices

19.Fundraiser links

20.Recruitment/sign-up links

Will your posts touch upon:






-Taboo topics



Will your content reflect:


·Counterintuitive views























·How-to tips

·Cultural arts




·Secrets revealed



·Honoring a person, events, holiday, or anniversary


The list can go on. There is no end as to:

·Which content you share

·How often you share it

·The ways you choose to present your content

·How people respond to your shares

There is no formula for going viral, though I suspect it involves images of cute dogs, hot bodies, and political mockery – or all three. But authors should know they need to embrace social media and to use it purposefully with some urgency and creativity.

About the author

Brian Feinblum is a leading book promoter and marketer based in New York, having helped thousands of authors to succeed over the past three decades. He founded his award-winning blog,, a dozen years ago and has garnered over 3.5 million page views. He can be reached at

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