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Girl Punk Band Linda, Lindas Gets Record Contract After Viral Library Show

By Lori Perkins

Who would have guessed that a teen rock concert at the local library could lead to a record deal. If I had read it in a YA novel, I would have scoffed.

But as soon as I saw and heard the video of the four-girl Linda Lindas “Racist, Sexist Boy,” I knew some record company would be smart enough to sign them, so it was really no surprise that two days later it was announced in Variety that LA-based punk Epitaph Records had signed them.

The band gave a raucous concert at the L.A. public library last week, which NPR described as “screaming and crunching power chords in the middle of the stacks of the Los Angeles Public Library.” Their song,” Racist, Sexist Boy," which they wrote, is an angry anthem to anti-Asian American bias and misogyny with lyrics such as "Poser! Blockhead! Riffraff! Jerk face!"

The four Asian-Americans/Latinx rockers, whose members (Bela, Eloise, Lucia and Mila) range in age from 10 to 16, started in 2018 at Girlschool LA. Radio station KQED says the band has been mentored by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Hope they open the fall season of Saturday Night Live!


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