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Get Back at Your Ex This Valentine’s Day

By Bella Cannizzo

Maybe Valentine’s Day does not have to be a reminder that he or she broke your heart, but instead, an opportunity for you to break theirs.  Wanna get back at your ex?

If you want to take the dramatic step, for $50, the Blackwood-based shelter and clinic will “neuter your ex.”  That sounds crazy, I know. 

Basically, the New Jersey animal shelter will allow you to name a cat after your previous partner, and then have Homeward Bound perform the surgery which ultimately helps stray pets.  

With less stray kittens having offspring, there will be fewer kittens living on the streets.  Once neutered, the kittens are let free.  Homeward Bound takes in about 5,000 stray pets a year, so they appreciate the donations.

I really like how they added a hilarious spin on what is actually something very good and helpful for the community.  Who would've thought you could humiliate someone and be kind all at the same time?


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