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Fantasizing a Post-Pandemic Future

By Lori Perkins

An article in today’s NY Times suggests that we should all be fantasizing about what we’re going to do when the pandemic is over to lift our moods during this dark, wintery time of lockdown, disease and political turmoil. This train of thought even has a term among psychologists – prospection - imagining the future.

The NY Times article interviews a few 20-somethings who basically re-imagine the past, going back to memories of dancing in nightclubs or huge family gatherings. But I wonder if, and when, we’re ever really going to be able to do that? I fear that many of the things we once enjoyed will be memories. I certainly won’t be going to Yankee games filled with 40,000 fans in the near future or indoor rock concerts, which I used to love. I will be thrilled to have a full season of baseball and concerts back, but I’ll be just as happy to watch at home, thank you very much. I really do hope that concerts ad a pay-per-view option from here on.

My on-repeat fantasy for the post-pandemic future right now includes a giant unbirthday party, where all of us who were unable to have friends and family celebrate with us this entire year eat all different slices of pour favorite cakes, drink champagne and do a sort of secret Santa where we bring a gift and take a gift, while everyone wishes each other happy birthday.

But before the pandemic, New York City was too crowded and you couldn’t really enjoy a lot of things because there were just too many people. I am hoping that everyone learns to slow down and savor things a bit.

In the meantime, here’s a link to that NY Times article:


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