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Entertainment Reporting During the Strikes

By Lori Perkins

As we all know, the Screen Actors Guild of America has joined the Writers Guild of America to go on strike, effectively grounding splashy entertainment coverage to a halt although I expect to see daily photos of actors holding picket signs on strike in both New York and L.A. (would like to see photos of a Barbie doll with a picket sign, but maybe that’s asking too much?).

We were set to have big, splashy premiers for Barbie and Oppenheimer this weekend, as well as Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Instead we’re getting Disney employees dressed as Disney characters for Haunted Mansion events, and who knows what they’ll try for Barbie and Oppenheimer, as all actors involved in those films are in favor of the strike. Perhaps the best they’ll be able to do is roll out studio executives in a pink Barbie convertible or 1950’s suits.

It is truly going to be interesting, especially as the summer rolls on and the strike affects box office and TV revenue, and the ancillary businesses associated with this part of the industry.


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