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Enjoy Pride Food, Drink and Merch This Month

By Lori Perkins

Last year we had to celebrate Pride indoors and I didn’t get to try the annual Starbucks Pride Drink or the Pride Shake Shack shake. But this year just might make up for it!

This year’s Shake Shack Pride Shake is made with strawberry and blackberry frozen custard topped with a blend of mango and passion fruit, whipped cream and rainbow glitter available through June 30. The Pride Shake is served in a dedicated Pride cup, featuring an updated rainbow Pride-themed burger icon. They are donating 5% of the sales price to The Trevor Project, with a minimum donation of $50,000.

Dunkin’ is offering a rainbow doughnut with multi-colored sprinkles on a cake batter interior for about a dollar. And there’s also a refillable clear coffee container with rainbow banding lettering on it for $8.99, as well as a reusable rainbow straw, which run about $5 for a four-pack.

Starbucks offers a color-changing rainbow tumbler with a kaleidoscope dome, as well as a rainbow straw. The kaleidoscope reflects light in all sorts of directions, so you can sip your next Starbucks Funnel Cake Frappuccino for $18.99.


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