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Elon Musks Destroys Twitter in a Month

By David T. Valentin

It seems money can't buy genius, even if one really, really, really wants to believe otherwise. After Elon Musks finally purchased Twitter just about last month, the CEO of Tesla has been drilling the social media app, Twitter, into the ground. Controversial tweets about who's to blame. An internal an external within the "highly" sophisticated mind of whether Elon really wants comedy to be legal or not (it is, btw, unless it's directed at him, and then comedy isn't legal) and, on a more serious note, laying off the majority of Twitter's workforce.

Last night, it seemed Twitter was going to collapse in on itself, leading a few dramatic hashtags to trend as they discussed the "downfall" of Twitter. The most popular, and dramatic, being both #TwitterDown and #RIPTwitter. And while it was certainly dramatic, but very plausible that Twitter, in some way, might have shut down, some users opted to take the dramatics to the next level in the form of memes... or "posting pole" as many gay men decided to do thinking they were going to move to a different social media account.

I guess there's just something that makes people horny floating in the air when the end times seem close, but if that's how you deal with these things, sure!

Here our favorite tweets from the hashtags #TwitterDown and #RipTwitter that had us cackling last night.


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