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Did you Know David Yost, the Original Blue Power Ranger, is Gay?

By David T. Valentin

After recent backlash of UK prime minister’s Boris Johnson’s inability to follow up on the increasing pressures to ban conversion therapy, David Yost’s, the original blue power ranger, experience with coming out and conversion therapy has resurfaced.

David Yost, known for his role as Billy Cranston the blue power ranger on the 90’s hit show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, came out publically in 2010 in an interview with No Pink Spandex.

The actor recalls being called a “f*ggot” and openly mocked on the set by the show’s creators, producers, writers, and directors. Tormented by the homophobia he had to endure Yost even contemplated taking his own life. Instead, the actor stepped away from the show and acting as a whole and participated in a program “Pray the Gay Away,” a program where they thought God could come down and “cure” your homosexuality.

The actor spent two years at the program, intent on curing his homosexuality, trying to change who he was. Eventually the actor suffered from a mental breakdown, checked himself into a hospital, and dealt with who he was as best he could. After moving to Mexico for a year, he learned to accept himself for who he is.

“I hated myself on such a level that I couldn’t accept myself,” Yost said.

His advice to those who suffer from the same self-hate would be to reach out for help, reach out to professional help. “Just know that there is help and that there are people like me who care about you and want to see you around.”

In 2018 the actor opened up more in an interview with Entertainment weekly about his experiences with conversion therapy.

“After my nervous breakdown it took me years to be comfortable and really be open about myself. It wasn’t an overnight process and it took a long time to be happy and comfortable.”


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