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Daniel Radcliffe Is Going to be a Dad

By Lori Perkins

@Daniel9340 Instagram

You know you’re getting old when the actor who played Harry Potter announces he’s going to be a father.

But I’m thrilled for Radcliffe, 33, and his significant other, actor Erin Darke, 38, who have been together for a decade. The acting couple met in 2013 while filming Kill Your Darlings where Radcliffe played Beat poet Allen Ginsberg and Darke played one of his lovers. Three years later, Radcliffe and Darke worked together again on the set of the Don't Think Twice. Darke recently appeared in various episodes of Radcliffe's TBS comedy series Miracle Workers.

In an US Weekly interview fro 2014, Radcliffe spoke of his relationship with Darke, “You want that person to be your best friend. In the case of Erin, we definitely are.”


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