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Conservatives Try and Boycott Pizza Hut

By David T. Valentin

To promote kids to read more, Pizza Hut has a book program that recommends books to children Prek-6th grade. This week’s book suggestion was Big Wig, a book about a child becoming a drag performer. Expectantly, conservatives have lost their minds over the recommendation.

Conservatives took to Twitter and created #GoWokeGoBroke to voice their “concerns” about children being exposed to people like drag queens. As one user writes, “Pizza Hut has gone full woke, now we must make them full broke.”

Author Nick Adams on Twitter wrote, “Pizza Hut betrayed the American people. It is our duty to boycott.”

Understandably, someone quote tweeted Nick Adams’ post and wrote, “bro it’s fucking pizza hut lmaoooooooo.”

Another user jokingly wrote, “I ordered from pizza hut and the delivery guy said I have to suck his dick??”

But in all seriousness, the right is leading yet another culture war calling pizza hut “groomers,” a term that has sparked an increase in use after a slew of anti-trans legislation in The United States.

For a party that talks about personal freedoms, they sure care what other people are doing.


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