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Congresswoman’s Nephew Speaks Up About His Aunt’s Speech Against Respect for Marriage Act

By David T. Valentin


Prior to the Respect for Marriage Act being signed by Joe Biden on December 13, American politicians took to the congressional floor either for or against the bill which would require states recognize gay marriage licenses in the entire country, regardless of if a state prohibits the recognition of gay marriages.

Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler took to the stand last week before the bill was passed to bless us with her crocodile tears about the “sanctity” of traditional marriage and the supposed “victimhood” of people of faith and Biblical values.

At the end of the speech, Congresswoman Hartzler begins to cry on the stand, acting which wouldn’t pass off as believable in a middle school play. She finished by saying, “I hope and pray that my colleagues will find the courage to join me in opposing this misguided bill.”

I think the only misguidance that day was Congresswoman Hartzler’s decision to wear a rustic, light brown looking jacket that matches exactly with her hair, demonstrating how bland her fashion choices really are, and leaving us questioning which is simpler and boring: her political views or her terrible fashion sense. But I digress.

A few days after Hartzler’s teary performance went viral, her gay nephew, Andrew Hartzler, took to TikTok to call out his aunt’s draconian political views.

“Negative rhetoric spread by the religious right demonizes LGBTQ people and basically turns their following completely against them,” he told People magazine. “It can become very dangerous, like we saw in Colorado. Hate is taught, it’s not something you’re born with.”

Andrew explained in his TikTok that, despite coming out to his aunt Vicky back in February of this year, she’s “still just as much of a homophobe.”

You can watch the entirety of the TikTok down below:


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