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Comedian Ali Wong Divorces after 3 Comedy Specials And 8 Years of Marriage

By Lori Perkins

Ali Wong performed two Netflix comedy specials while pregnant (Baby Cobra is a must-see, if for some reason you haven’t watched this) and in her most recent special, Don Wong, this February, she warned us that she found herself jealous of the freedom she perceived single people as having. She also told us in her signature graphic detail style that she had entertained herself with the idea of sex with someone other than her husband. Turns out it was foreshadowing.

After eight years of marriage and two daughters, she and her Harvard-educated husband are splitting, but they swear it is amicable and that they will be happy co-parents. However, as a divorced single mom, I can’t wait for her next comedy special because I am sure she is going to be as honestly brutal on this new subject matter as she was on motherhood.


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